How to Disconnect my brave wallet linked to Crypto Custodian

Iam a kind of guy who tries different Linux Distros … I dont know that brave only allow 4 wallets to be linked to uphold Account . I have Linked my brave wallet to my uphold Account in every distro I used . I have removed those distros from my system without disconnecting my wallet that is linked to uphold as I dont know that brave only allow 4 wallets to link to uphold account . Now Iam unable to get any rewards from brave . Any Solution to my problem ???

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No you don’t have any solution currently. And even if you had access to the old Distros you can’t disconnect the wallets.

Wait for Gemini to be introduced next month. [It too will have 4-Device Limit so use them wisely :slight_smile: ]


oh .!!Gemini havent introduced yet ???

Next month (Mostly, 99% Sure)

ohhh ! Thank you for your quick response


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