How to unlink uphold account from browser?

HI, I linked my uphold account with many profiles of brave browser so that I can collect all the rewards in my uphold account. Later those profile was not important for me, so I deleted them. And now I am unable to link my account with brave rewards on another device. How can I unlink those profiles of brave browsers from my uphold account?

Unfortunately you cannot due to Upholds 4 max device lifetime limit. Even if you delete them, you still have exceeded that 4 max lifetime limit. The only solution I know of is waiting for the next wallet to be implemented. Gemini.

Can you explain the solution, please? I haven’t got “next wallet to be implemented”.

I believe your problem is, you have exceeded your brave browser device limits on Uphold. Uphold only allows 4 max lifetime devices. Even if you do remove them, this does not free up a slot to add another. So the only thing you can do is wait for another wallet such as Gemini to become available. Brave will also eventually have their own wallet which I would certainly hope is the best viable wallet to be used with brave browser. But it seems Gemini will be coming next, as it is already available for creators.

Yes, I have exceeded device limit. I didn’t know about this limitation.

So, there is no solution now. Ok, I am waiting for another wallet.

Thank you!

I saw on a reddit of brave they expect Gemini coming during an update in August. So soon we will know.

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