I can't add a new profile

I tried to create a new profile in Brave browser on my other PC, but it missing. How can I fix this?

It’s not missing. You just aren’t going to the right place. Try going to More Tools


The appearance and location of menus will change. Just like you’ll see Brave Rewards is no longer listed in that hamburger menu. If you don’t see things where it used to be, your first assumption should be that you need to look through the menus to see where it has been moved. Don’t sit here and jump to the conclusion it’s completely missing or you can’t do something.

Yes, I agree that they should have something to help make us aware of changes…of which they have made a lot lately. But just have to be ready to take time to search.

I see the option to create a new profile in several places — but it doesn’t work. I get the create profile window, but when I click Add, nothing happens.
[Version 1.61.104 Chromium: 120.0.6099.115 (Official Build) (arm64)]

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I’m unable to open a new profile and getting the same screen as above.

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I have the same issue.

@dyan has everything been resolve for you? It seems like this topic has deviated away from your original concern, but wanting to make sure. I’m thinking the others should have created their own topic rather than posting here, especially when month or so had passed since last comments.

@Visionairy @shizennouta please share the following:

  • Which OS? (Windows 11, Mac Sonoma 14.2, etc)

  • Which version of Brave? (Exact number, not just saying “the latest”)

  • Can you try downloading Brave again to do a forced patch? Don’t uninstall the browser, but just install on top. If anything is corrupt, this should fix it.

@larryleveen are you still having issues?

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Thanks for reaching out.
I just installed on top and was able to create a new profile.



Can anyone else in this thread confirm for me whether or not the issue is resolved for them after updating to the latest build?

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