Can not create new profile on Brave Browsers for MacOS

Hi guys,

I used Brave for a year. Today i want to create new profile ( i created 30 profiles ago), but when i click “add new profile” , i can not create anymore. Please help me.

Same issue on macOS running latest version. No pop-up occurs.

Thank you both for reaching out. Checking to see if there is a limit on the number of profiles one can create but I don’t think there is one.

@meuthu how many profiles do you have already?

i find out that everyone has the same issue, bro.

Hi bro,
I think it is the issue of Brave Browser. There are no limit on the number of profiles one can create. It depend on the number of profiles had created before Brave Browser update.

I had three prior when I was trying to create a fourth. Since the latest update however I have not encountered the issue.

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