I cant withdraw USDT from the wallet

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Description of the issue: I cant send USDT from my wallet. I am trying to fund an exchange account. When i go to confirm the transaction there is a box that says “The associated token account doesnt exist yet. A small amount of SOL will be spent to create and fund it.” So i click ok, it says the transaction is sent but it doesnt go. After about 20 attempts i decided to send the USDT to my Phantom wallet and go from there. The confrimation box comes up as normal without the message and i click confirm. Again the transaction shows as completed but the funds dont move. Very frustrating. Any advice / help appreciated. Thanks

Is the issue occurring on a specific network? Solana

What operating system are you using?windows

Brave Version (check About Brave):Latest

Additional Information: Looking at the transaction reports there is a little a red sign that says DROPPED.


Hello! This may help resolve your issue.

Hi Evan. Thanks for your response. I did eventually, after 57 attempts, manage to get my transaction through. I’ll look at the RPC as you suggested. Thanks again.

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points for persistence