Every month or so I get locked out of signing in to my youtube account

In the last 4 months I have been “error’d” aka locked out of signing in to my youtube account 3 times. When this happens, I can still visit the website/watch videos I search for manually, but I can’t log in. The first time this happened I cleared my cache & cookies, which fixed the problem. The 2nd time I had to uninstall & reinstall completely. Now again about 3 weeks later I opened Brave & it wouldn’t let me log in to youtube and I got the same generic “there is an error with signing in” message which YT itself had no answer to. I cleared my cache & reinstalled this time, but that didn’t work. 2 days later I opened Brave again & was able to log in to youtube with no issue at all.

I use Mac OS 10.12 on my desktop, OS 10.11 on my laptop, and iOS 12.3 on my mobile devices, but it always happens simultaneously no matter which of them I use. I believe there is a bug either with the browser itself or perhaps with Mac OS 10-12 users? I also have had no issues with Brave logging in to other sites which require passwords during the times this youtube issue has occurred. When this error/bug occurs happens Brave, I can also still log in to my youtube account on all other browsers, whether on my tablet, my phone, or any laptop/desktop, which is what makes me think it isn’t a specific computer/device that is the issue.

Youtube is a site I & many others visit daily, and I hope I can still do so with my own account & ability to see subscriptions and make comments, etc, without having to resort to using Firefox or Chrome or Safari.

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You can find the information here : brave://settings/help