Ip adress traced?


I am new and I appreciate this browser. However, while browsing the legal notices, I can read this:

We record IP addresses when requests are made to identify & prevent fraud and to protect the integrity of the service. We also monitor how the account is used, for anti fraud and to maintain the reliability and performance of the service.

I thought Brave was not collecting any information about us? What is it exactly? when is our ip address traced?


where can i read this ? thanks

Here :

its publisher i think it ok because so many cheater

Cheater? About Uphold account? I Don t understanding.

I think that is to avoid fraud from tiping your self to much times. It’s a recomendation not to do this because your account and founds can be block. Any way thats a policy for publishers.

From nomal users like us, the only info that i know they use is our IP to avoid giving ads from another contry to someone using vpn. Any way for me is not quite a big deal, i mean Youtube and almost any page now uses that info for the same porpuses.