Brave never blocks fingerprinting

Description of the issue:
I never saw Brave blocking any fingerprinting.
Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary): 1. 2. 3.
Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!):
fingerprinting is not blocked
Expected result:
fingerprinting should be blocked.
I also tried aggressive mode. And different websites
This website shows that they have fingerprinting.

@fabi74 As I’m seeing what you’re saying, it appears that you are mistaken on what fingerprinting is. Let me link thing below but also summarize. Fingerprinting means it might tell them you’re using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge even though you’re not. It will prevent trackers, such as cookies, from being places to track your activity elsewhere. And it might even say you’re using MacOS even if you’re using Windows.

Fingerprinting just means they are preventing them from recognizing a particular device and where it goes. It’s never flawless but it can go from having a clear image of you to suddenly having a blurred image with sunglasses and a mustache drawn on it…making it harder to identify you.

Yet the more extensions you use and websites you sign into or authorize to access things, the more of a fingerprint you leave. You can get an IP Address to hide things like your location better, but then there’s still other things like you’d have to modify as well in order to hide. These are all different actions.

Btw, you show your little thing, but now look at this

It’s also important to note that it reading what HTML coding and communication programmed in the website vs what actually occurs within your browser are two different things as well.

In any case, your post doesn’t elaborate enough to really explain what issue you think you’re having. (at least not to me)

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“Fingerprinting blocked” always shows “0”.

I thought Brave is blocking .js files who are responsible for collecting all the hardware/softwafe data.

Brave no longer counts fingerprinting attempts for quite some time now


Thanks for the link.

I did a test at it doesn’t look randomised to me.
And is canvas tracking also random? I thought the only way would be blocking.

Don’t enter too much into the entropy provided by fingerprinting testing websites such as AmIUnique, it’s based on their own database and the vast majority of users are not included. Brave randomizes your fingerprint per session and per site (canvas is one of the many vendors that are poisoned)

“Brave’s goal is to both be the best browser for protecting your privacy”

That is why I use the Brave Browser.

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