Fingerprinting being circumvented?

It seems is able to circumvent Braves fingerprinting protection somehow. When I open this webpage they offer a test where they claim to be able to fingerprint more or less all browsers.

I tried the test with Brave on Linux and Android and it does seem to be able to track me on each device.

I open the web page and in the paragraph “See fingerprinting in action” you will see the generated ID and location based on IP address.
I clean out cookies and website data and open the web page again and it correctly detects my previous visit.
Cleaned out browsing data again, open the web page in a Private tab and it again detects my previous visits.
Cleaned out data again and opened the web page again in New Private window with Tor. I now got a new IP address but again the web page correctly identifies my previous visits.

Not sure how they do it or if they are somehow faking the results ??

Tested on my computer running Linux and
Version 1.48.158 Chromium: 110.0.5481.77 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Same results on a Android device.
Setting Brave to Agressivly block fingerprinting made no difference.

You need to research what fingerprintng is and how is used, and then you need to stop using these tests, which are terrible and useless because they are not what happen in reality.

Brave VP of Privacy Engineering has already spoken about finterprintjs and how useless these tests are, you can read all his comments about these scammy test.

If you want to see what Brave does with the fingerprint protection then use this and stick to reality, don’t use bad tests that will not reflect reality.

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