I am unable to relink(re-verify) the uphold wallet account on Mobile brave browser

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Hi Sir/Mam,

I am using the uphlod account from last six months(i.e. form jan 2022).My uphold wallet account is linked to 4 different devices(having brave browser). But by mistake I uninstalled the brave browser from one device and now i am trying to link the my uphold account to same device on newly installed brave browser, a message is poping “Device limit exceeded”. Could you plese help me out from this problem.

Thanks and regards

Nirmal kumar

Description of the issue:

How can this issue be reproduced?

1.by uninstalling the brave browser.

Expected result:
Unable to link to uphold wallet account
Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device details
Redmi 9 Android 10 version.

Additional Information:

You should not be receiving this notification because they remove the device limit last night. When did you last try to connect to Uphold?

In the meanwhile, let me tag @Mattches and @chriscat as I’m noticing someone else posted saying they had the same issue. Not sure if they can reach out to find more details. I’m not sure what information they’ll need to look at in particular to resolve it.

You are trying to verify this device today? I ask because we’ve just removed the linking limit, so even having four devices already linked (or linked prior) should not matter.

I was trying yesterday. So I was unable to link the wallet account. But It is working today .Thank you for help and support .

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I have switched mobile phone and I am trying to re-link my Uphold wallet again. But it keeps failing, without any errors. Can it be the same issue where I have too many connections open ?

Your issue might be the more traditional problem that’s existed on Android. Do you have Uphold app installed on your Android? If so, uninstall Uphold and THEN try to verify your wallet. Only after it’s connected should you install Uphold again.

The reason for that is when you Verify, it needs to be done entirely inside the Brave app so it can link. When people tap on the link to Verify with Uphold and they have the Uphold app, it usually opens that app and logs you in rather than doing it all within the browser as needs to be done.

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You are absolutely right, it worked !
Thank you, now I can start earning on my mobile again too.

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