Unable to log in Uphold account in Brave software

Dear Sir/madam
I am unable to log in to Uphold account in Brave software on mobile, I contact the Uphold customer care support there saying. Please contact the Brave Support
I am trying 2 mobiles

Note: Is there any limit to link uphold account to Brave software, I mean { With the same uphold account home many devices to link to Brave software }
Please help me and please reply
Thank you every much

There is a limit of 4. If you had previosly linked 4 Brave “devices” to uphold, you wont be able to link another one until at least one of the prior 4 gets removed.
Like old windows installations, old phone etc.

Check out this if this applies to you.

Dear Sir
Now also no use. Now also I am unable to log in to brave
Note: Sir, I am already login 2 devices but now I am unable to login the another device sir
please help me sir and please reply
thank you every much sir