I am unable to accumulate my earned BAT

I have had the Brave browser installed on my laptops since about February 10, 2019. This month I just noticed something about accumulating BAT through browser use. I attempted to verify some BAT that I have earned, but the majority of times that I dragged a triangle onto either a triangle, square or circle, it said that there was some sort of error. I managed to claim three awards. I don’t seem to be able to find a link to return to a page where I can claim further awards and don’t know wny it won’t accept most of my confirmations.

Hi @amvernon - thanks for writing in and reporting. What OS and Brave version are you using?

Windows 10 and Version 1.8.96 Chromium: 81.0.4044.138 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Thanks @amvernon - when you have a moment can you update to the latest version, and the check to see if your DPI is set to 100%? Often times this is the issue with being unable to use the captcha.

I updated the newest version. I have confirmed that m]y page zoom is 100%. Is that the same as 100% DPI? The problem is that i am unable to access or verify my estimated pending rewards.

Have you updated to the latest version? Can you share a screenshot of your rewards panel?

Thanks in advance @amvernon!

I updated right before my last post.

Steeven, do you have any advice?

The two images above show that my BAT is not transferring to my account.

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