Can't Claim any of my BAT Rewards?

Hi, so I’ve had Brave installed since like October and I used it a tonnnnn when I first got it; however, I kinda just forgot about it after a little while tbh and so I haven’t used it much since like November. So, I just recently started using it again and I’ve been trying to claim my ads rewards, like I have numerous different bars in my rewards that say “Claim your November Ads rewards”, “claim your ads rewards”, etc… but whenever I click on any of them, it has me do the BAT captcha verification thing and no matter what I do it just says,

" Oops, something is wrong. Please try again later.

Brave Rewards is having an issue. Please try again later."

So, I updated my browser, which of course needed updating. And idk what else to do and nothing seems to allow me to just claim my rewards…

Any help yall have would be incredibly appreciated!! Thanks so much

Can you check and ensure that your zoom level is set to 100% when you go to do the captcha after clicking “claim”? We’ve had issues with this before where the captcha will fail or error out if the zoom level is custom set.

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