I am not receiving any rewards from jan 7 to jan28

i am not receiving any rewards from jan 7 to jan28 , how do i solve this?

@rd123 I’ll let you know that I’m going to bed but I just saw your post and wanted to comment. I’m just letting me know because that means I won’t be responding anytime soon to answer more.

That said, your question is next to impossible to answer because it is missing too much information. At the very least a person Hass to know what type of device you’re running on, what version of the operating system, and what version of Brave that you are running. Then after understanding all of that there is a lot of things which can cause ads not to appear or for earnings not to accrue.

You also did not specify if you are seeing answer or if you aren’t. If you are earning BAT in your browser and it’s just not getting sent to the Wallet or if you’re not seeing it at all. Like I said, way too many questions.

If you have time, try to check out this lawn help guide that I made for people. With any information provided, including links, it might help you to get a better understanding on what questions you need to ask or even ways to solve the issue yourself

i am receiving ads , but i am not earning anything

i have checked all the settings, everything is fine

i dont use VPN , i was receiving BAT coins and ads from dec 20 to jan 7,but suddently it got stopped on jan 8, so i think the only possible solution is to uninstall and install it, because one of my sibling faced this problem and it got solved only by a simple solution of uninstalling and installing brave browser again.

@rd123 Uninstalling and reinstalling will wipe your BAT and create a new wallet. IF you do that, make sure you have your code for the wallet (not your sync code) so you can Restore it when you install again. Otherwise you’ll end up having to verify again and may end up hitting your 4 device limit, which would prevent you from adding it and/or even from getting ads. If you do Restore it, I forget if you keep everything or if you do temporarily lose out on the ads that had accumulated through the month. I don’t want to tell you either way since I’m not 100%. Just giving a heads up what is a possibility. Only thing I know for sure if if you don’t have that code and restore, you really will lose all the BAT in that wallet and all.

I think you said you checked your settings, but let me ask…did you look at your location settings and all? Let me link you to someone else who marked me as having solved the issue where they saw ads but didn’t get BAT. They found out their computer was set in the wrong region. (if you’re on Windows anyway)

If you’re seeing ads but not earning, then it makes it sound like it’s something like linked above or you might have somehow been flagged by the system. The only way to know if you’re flagged is to DM one of the Brave staff like @steeven or @SaltyBanana . I’d suggest maybe SaltyBanana first as Steeven hasn’t been on the forums much in the past few days. I’m not sure if he’s off to work on other stuff, if he’s just getting some well deserved rest and time off from work, or what?

Regardless, they’ll all get to you when they can. Hopefully fairly quick but do please try to be in the mindset that it can sometimes take several weeks to resolve it. When you message them, they always ask you to DM the info below:

  • Copy/paste your Wallet ID (found on brave://rewards-internals )
  • Your OS and Brave version (first three lines in brave://version )
  • A screenshot of your Rewards panel in Settings --> Brave Rewards .

i have messaged @SaltyBanana , and i know i will lose my progress ,that is why i would do after i brave shifts my payment to gemini wallet on feb 7

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