I am not getting brave rewards

i am not getting brave rewards.i have seen many adds and my some breave rewards are missing


I’m not getting any either on Windows 10 and even when I click on the new tab ads it doesn’t even count towards my ads for the month! I’ve clicked on 5-10 of them already and still, nothing. It’s just stuck at 0 and won’t send me ads. It’s crazy and extremely annoying.

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It might be that your account is flagged, Try sending a Dm to @steeven or @Mattches. They should help you out!


I DM’d one of them. Thanks for the tip! Hopefully, they can help.

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Could you elaborate on this for me? I see you talk about how you see ads, but then you mention Brave Rewards are missing. Are you saying that you’re not noticing an increase in your BAT or are you talking about an issue with your monthly payout? I did not want to make a wrong assumption on my part, so asking for clarity.

Clicking on ads does not get you BAT.

As @Pineapple mentioned, it might be you’re flagged. Of course, it’s important that you check out some of the other things that can cause issues. For example, are you in an Ad Supported region? Are you using a VPN? There’s a lot of little things that can interfere. If you have time, I made a FAQ with basic suggestions at PSA: User FAQ - Support & Answers . You’d be looking more at What are things that can interfere with Brave Rewards? and What should I do if I am not seeing ads? What do I do if I don't receive BAT for ads?

Awesome. One thing I want to add is if you didn’t include your Wallet ID that you can find at brave://rewards-internals then I’d suggest you send an update to your current DM with that information, as they won’t be able to help you without it. They’d get to the message only to respond and ask you for it. So hopefully it saves you time and gets you answers faster by me mentioning this.

Lastly, keep in mind staff doesn’t actively work the forums over the weekend. It’s currently Friday, so don’t expect anything over the next couple days. Also be advised they have a lot of tickets pending right now, so it can take a while to receive any updates or solutions. (some have waited up to a month, others lucky and happens in couple days)

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