Blurry fonts in Brave browser

Description of the issue: I have been using Brave as the default browser for years. I have a new computer and after a month of use, suddenly and probably after some of the updates of Windows 10, or of the Nvidia card, all the texts appear blurred.

I have tried other Chromium-based browsers and all of them work perfectly without any problem. I have tried all the indications of all the tutorials I could find: disabling hardware accelerator in Brave, activating ClearType, setting edge smoothing in screen fonts, default settings, uninstalling and installing again the browser, scaling etc. and I could not correct this problem.

I hope you can help me to fix it, as it is the default browser I prefer to use, but I can’t do it with this problem.

Thank you very much


How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. It only happens in my PC.
  2. I have not changed anything in the configuration of the browser and I can´t figure out what is happening

Expected result: Help to solve the problem

Brave Version: V1.18.78 *Upgraded Chromium to 87.0.4280.141 (64 bits)

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Try changing the Hardware acceleration from Brave’s Settings > System.

Same problem here from yesterday
(PC got a W10 20h4 update + nVidia update)

Already no HDW Accelleration.

No idea what to do.
Only Brave is blurry in :
Contents, and tabs, and menus, and settings

Short story: Brave is blurry in any aspect

Out of curiosity, could you guys attach a screenshot?

here you are

and is perfect in Chrome

Have you guys tried this?.

and here the solution…

(2 mins ago I discovered the piece of paper where I wrote it last time)

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