Huge Price drop of BAT

I just checked out the price of BAT and was shocked after watching the prices.
In the afternoon it was 0.4696 USD and now at night it is 0.3646 USD!

Not only today but the price has been dropping since couple of days.

Do any of you guys have any idea why is the price of BAT dropping at such a high rate?

Whole crypto market is going down the drain. It is what it is.
Obviously just with anything going wrong everywhere in the world, its Putins fault! Kappa

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somebody wants you to exchange BAT for the master coin, BTC.
HODL! Diamond hands!


A long time ago, when they cut advertising fees on the grounds that the token price went up, they said that they had a formula that automatically regulated advertising fees, so dear moderators, will someone tell me where that very regulation formula is?
Why doesn’t the advertising fee go up when the token price collapses?


they haven’t paid me in two months

As @xMovingTarget said, the whole market is down. Just continue to collect and Hold (HODL) your tokens. The price will come back up sooner or later. If it makes you feel better, I’m not a rich guy but have been investing in crypto for the last 1.5 years. I lost a couple grand this week. But, I know the market will come back up, so I continue to hold my tokens/coins. It’s about the future $$$$$ and not the right now $.

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Why isn’t Putins pice hike, hiking the price of my dang crypto??? LMFAO

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You’re only right about one thing. When you talk about HOLD.
But you’re wrong about payment. At this token cost, the price for our attention should be more.
That’s what they said before they lowered our fee at the beginning of '21.

So you want more payout for not having to do anything except see a popup ad every now and then? Earning Basic Attention Token using the Brave Browser literally requires zero attention.
Besides that, I didn’t mention payment at all in my previous post. So, I’m unsure how I was wrong about something I didn’t say.

Absolutely no matter if I have to do something or not, but this functionality is inherent in the BAT, that is the primary function of the browser.
Brendan Eich’s statements were clear and made it clear that we should claim payment for our attention. And we should be paid fairly. When they lowered the payment in January 2021 referring to the fact that the price of the token had increased and it was above $1, there is no complaint, but when the price of the token has dropped by a factor of 3, why not return the same rewards as before.
And I don’t care what you say now “the price will come back sooner or later”, no one ever knows if the price will come back. Neither you, nor I, nor anyone else, can say that with 100% certainty.
Let them pay you 1BAT a month instead of 10 (for example), saying "don’t worry, bro, the price will go up soon.
There is only here and now!

Free stuff for doing nothing isn’t enough. More free stuff for doing the same amount of nothing is demanded. That’s what is wrong with this world. You should be grateful for the free stuff your getting and not what you think you deserve. CIAO

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Ha ha, well, if you value your attention in such pennies, then I really sympathize with you.
Although judging by how much time you spend on this forum and writing posts, yes, you have a lot of free time and you don’t appreciate it at all, so you’re willing to pay such a price.
Go to Brendan’s Twitter and read his first posts. And you can read his January 2021 posts and correspondence with him. It’s all clear in there and clearly stated in a conversation with me. That how and for what we get rewarded and should get a fair price, not what you made up there
People don’t get tokens for free, they get tokens for watching advertisers’ ads that were paid for. (Maybe I’ll surprise you with this post.)
Look on the ad networks how much 1 Push notification costs if advertised. And you will be very surprised.(much more than we currently get)

I spend some of my free time on these forums to read and educate myself on the current issues with Brave so I know how to fix issues if they happen to me. A side benefit of that is I can try and help some folks who do not have some free time to do the reading. It’s called being a productive member of society. But I have no patience for people who do nothing but whine. I use this site for privacy with the added benefit of earning a few cents here and there. If you’re concerned about getting an extra .005 of a cent per ad, I suggest you look into getting a job. I love NOT being a Brave employee so I can be blunt with people. You are muted.

Apparently you have free time between sleeping and going to the bathroom.

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Yea well, Last time it was around that value, we had at least 0.05bat per ad. But it is what it is.

This expression is not correct.
According to the Brave administration, they have a rate formula. When the token goes down a lot, the payment for advertising increases. It’s not my idea, it’s an official statement. And they should stick to it, not take us for silent sheep.

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Last time bat was around 30 cent we had 0.05 bat per ad.
What is wrong with the statement? That is literally all I said. I don’t know what you read into it.

“Free stuff for doing nothing” , it’s not this case. Being payed for being advertised is it.

By the way, last time price went under 0.75 I noticed a doubled payout per ad, now they should do the same, but every day price fluctuates too much ads stop coming to rebase BAT per ad; today is one of that.

Last 3 days I had no new page ads at all, approximately 3 popup ads…
Wtb new ad campaigns!

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