Huge difference between the estimated monthly earnings and Payout BAT

In most of the cases, it’s normal. This is how Brave Reward works-

  • The Ad Rewards (0.01 BAT, 0.005 BAT etc.) are accumulated by the browser in Current earnings this month (estimated); and in the background brave://rewards-internals/, they are periodically sent to the Rewards Server (in few hours to few days) to be redeemed.

  • It is the Rewards that has been redeemed, comes as a payout.

  • So some of the BATs earned in the end of the month but that have not yet been redeemed, causes the Payout to be slightly low.

  • When they are redeemed after some time, meaning at the start of the next month, your Current earnings this month (estimated) will reconcile to reflect that. And naturally they will be part of next month’s payout.

  • This amount is mostly small but can be large if you earned most of the BATs in the end of the month.

  • Nevertheless, it is normal to have your payout to be slightly lower than what you earned till last date. Keep in mind that none of your BAT is lost. It is just this “estimate” that works this way.

Hope it clarifies.

Note: After v.35.100 Current earnings this month (estimated) will immediately reflect correct value at this start of the month (pending this pull request).