Huge difference between the estimated monthly earnings and Payout BAT

I had an estimated monthly earnings of 0.498 BAT from Brave rewards program until DEC 31. But, from today morning , I am getting a message saying " Your +0.262 BAT payout will begin processing in 6 days.". What happened to the rest of my earnings? Why there’s such a huge difference between the estimated earnings and payout?

Can anyone explain why this is happening ? I am new to Brave browser. I have started using it from Dec 28.


same issue here
my rewards was 1.5 and now only showing 0.13 W T F

You gotta wait until you actually receive them after the payments have been sent out.
All numbers are always different.

I had months where my rewards was on like 7bat, estimated payment said 5. But 8bat arrived to my uphold.

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@steeven @Mattches @brian Good day is there a reason why we experience this problem I’m currently seeing this as well on the only 2 computers i use the laptop has a difference of 0095 bat and the main pc 0300 bat.

Same issue with me here. My Nov earnings were 6.062 BAT and they gave me 5.945 BAT instead. This time my Dec earnings were 5.383 BAT and upcoming payout is 4.837 BAT. What gives?

Did you turn on the auto contribute ?

Same here, 0.7350 BAT earned but the payout will be 0.5350 BAT. No tips, no auto contribute, nothing. It disapeared or Brave implemented a Tax for payout.

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Anyone experiencing a sudden jump in January estimated earnings. It looks like what ever difference was there in DEC estimated earning and upcoming payout BAT, is added to current month’s estimated earnings (I’m not sure about this as I don’t remember the exact numbers. But there’s a considerable increase in this month’s earnings, when I opened the Brave browser this morning)

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Thank you all for reporting. I’m looking into this now – however, it is important to remember that the number you’re seeing before payout is “Estimated earnings”, so it is not uncommon for the estimation and the finalized amount to be different.

That said, the amount in which they can/should be different is unclear and in some of your cases appears to be too much. I’ve reached out to the team for more information on this to see if this is just the variance I described above or a potential issue in payouts.

Thank you all for your patience.


Back again – so after discussing with the team, this may be a shortcoming of the Rewards reporting rather than an actual bug. I believe that the est earnings counter was reporting tokens that were earned in December, but not yet “cashed in” and would thus roll-over into your Jan. payout.

However to confirm this, I will need to take a look at each individual case. Can anyone here seeing this specific issue please send me a DM with your wallet payment ID (found on your brave://rewards-internals page, on the General info tab) so I can investigate. Also, can you please put the link to this particular thread in the subject line of your DM so that I know where these IDs are coming from?

Please and thank you.


I am seeing the same thing too. Missing BAT was carried over to my Jan earnings.

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I got only 0.250 BAT credited to my rewards wallet. But, as I said earlier in a reply, I saw a sudden spike in my January estimated earnings few days back. So I assume the missing BAT from DEC earnings is carried over to this month (well, I have to wait till the next payout to see whether this is the case).
I DM-ed @Mattches my wallet payment ID as he asked, But didn’t get any reply from him.
(Interestingly, One of my friends, who is also new to the Brave browser, got the payment, a little more than what it was given in the payout notification)

bro i have also recieved my full bat my estimated earning was 2 Bat but i recieved only 0.200 bat ony can anyone help me in this situation

What about Jan estimated earnings ? There’s a chance that the DEC estimated and payout difference being carried over to this month.

In most of the cases, it’s normal. This is how Brave Reward works-

  • The Ad Rewards (0.01 BAT, 0.005 BAT etc.) are accumulated by the browser in Current earnings this month (estimated); and in the background brave://rewards-internals/, they are periodically sent to the Rewards Server (in few hours to few days) to be redeemed.

  • It is the Rewards that has been redeemed, comes as a payout.

  • So some of the BATs earned in the end of the month but that have not yet been redeemed, causes the Payout to be slightly low.

  • When they are redeemed after some time, meaning at the start of the next month, your Current earnings this month (estimated) will reconcile to reflect that. And naturally they will be part of next month’s payout.

  • This amount is mostly small but can be large if you earned most of the BATs in the end of the month.

  • Nevertheless, it is normal to have your payout to be slightly lower than what you earned till last date. Keep in mind that none of your BAT is lost. It is just this “estimate” that works this way.

Hope it clarifies.

Note: After v.35.100 Current earnings this month (estimated) will immediately reflect correct value at this start of the month (pending this pull request).


same here i earned 1.67bat but received 0.25

This would probably be the reason why we’re seeing a difference between the estimated and the payout BAT. Thank you so much for sharing, @Aman_M .

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slightly low??? my earning were 1.6bat but received 0.25.

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