HTTPS Error for website with HTTPS


I’ve just created my Brave Rewards account for Creators. I am trying to set up my website, which has the https in its address: I don’t know if I should be putting www or the since it’s a site.

When comes time to authenticate it and verify for HTTPS, it gives me an error that no HTTPS was detected. I don’t know what else I’m supposed to do to fix this. It says my domain is not using HTTPS, even though there is https in the address. It’s telling em to fix that, but not HOW to fix it. Anyone know what I can do?


The page is actually loading over http instead of https. Please check the site configurations and certificates once and retry. This is an issue on the website configuration and not on the publisher dashboard. Once you are able to fix the https certificate issue you should be able to easily verify the domain.

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