How to withdraw rewards from my Brave Wallet to my Uphold account?


I would like to know how to withdraw BAT tokens from my Wallet to my Uphold account. I can see two transactions in my Uphold account but I don’t know if it happened on its own. I cannot manually withdraw BAT tokens from Brave wallet to uphold account. I am attaching two screenshots; one from my uphold account: -

and current screenshot from my Brave Rewards wallet: -

Please let me know what is the correct process to withdraw tokens from Brave wallet to Uphold account.

Jignesh Virpara

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Based on your screenshot, it’s (109,2 BAT) already on your Uphold account, @Jignesh. It’s still showing in brave://rewards because it’s connected to your Uphold account.

Ahh! Ok. Now I understand. Thanks for clarification.

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