My BAT Not Withdrawing from Brave Wallet to Uphold?

Hello Community,
I am facing this problem more than two months ago. In my brave wallet I have 47.1 BAT, But it is not withdrawing to my Uphold.

On May 7 I created a post here.

But I didn’t get the solution Yet.

I disconnected my uphold account from Brave Wallet many times. Then connected again & problem same. I click the withdraw button but it withdraws nothing.

My Current Brave [Version 1.9.72]

Please help me.

same problem with me they said when brave update to 19 version its beacome avaivble to withdraw

@steeven Please see my issue.

I understand it’s not available for mobile yet, but same issue is happening for me on desktop. No where to seek help. Please Bravely reply to our questions!

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