Understanding Rewards

I’ve been using Brave for a little while now and have recently gotten things all setup and verified on the Uphold end of things but I wasn’t able to find a good source of information about how to make sense of all the information shown in the Rewards tab of Brave and how withdrawing from there works as well.

As of last night (March 5) I was able to withdraw 6.75 BAT from Brave on my home computer shown below along with the activity showing in Uphold. Taking a look this morning, Brave at home is showing that I still have 12.5 BAT in my wallet but when attempting to withdraw, I’m taken to Uphold and nothing happens unlike last night when the BAT was immediately deposited. I also see “1.8 BAT Estimated Pending Rewards” here, is this BAT that will be distributed to the wallet shown in Brave rewards or does that payout to Uphold automatically? Likewise for the BAT value shown on the wallet side, does this payout to Uphold automatically at some point or does one have to come to the Rewards tab to then Withdraw manually? And then are there restrictions on when Withdrawal can be performed successfully?

Also for reference, I have Brave Rewards from my work computer pictured below where I have been unable to withdraw at all when attempting to do so this morning on March 6.

Any help and explanations would be much appreciated!

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