How to transfer my BAT from Brave Rewards to Uphold account?

I’ve been using Brave Rewards system from around 3 months now. I’ve done KYC verification with uphold account and linked my verified uphold account to my Brave browser.

I’ve been earning BAT from referrals and also have my own YouTube verified account where my fans are tipping me BAT tokens and that I’m able to see in my publishers account. But I’m unable to see those BAT tokens in my uphold account. I know it’s deposited at 8th of each month but I’ve been waiting for many months but haven’t seen it in my uphold account yet. Please refer to the below screen-shots for more reference.

As you can see in the 1st image, I’ve received about 80 BAT in my publishers account and also have connected uphold account but never received it in my uphold account (2nd image) even after waiting for 3 months. As per 3rd image, my wallet is verified and attached with my Brave browser. Plus as per 4th image, I’m verified member of Uphold since December 2019 and also both my Brave browser and Brave rewards are connected with my uphold account. But only the BAT tokens associated with my Brave browser is visible in my uphold account but not the Brave Rewards tokens. As you can see from 2nd and 3rd image, tokens in my Brave browser are visible in my uphold account and I can also withdraw them whenever I want but as seen in 1st and 2nd image, I’m unable to see my tokens from Brave Rewards in my uphold account and hence cannot withdraw them.

PS: I’m having the same email everywhere both my publishers account and uphold account. If any Brave employee needs my info from brave://rewards-internals/, please let me know and I’ll DM you that info.

Highly appreciate your help. Do let me know if I’m missing anything or need any more information from me.

Thanks again!


Yeah same here, even I have the same problem I did not recieve any reward till now not even once.

It is the same for me – BAT paid to me in my publishers account months ago was not ever sent to my Uphold account — very frustrating.

bat team will pay you BAT in 8th next month US time zone

your uphold account got verify ?

My uphold account was verified 4 months ago – I have Gihub creator rewards i received in December that have still not been credited to my Uphold account. I suddenly received 9.5 BAT, in my uphold account, from my creators website on Mar 8th – but still have never received the 47.74 from my Github rewards.
Im starting to have some doubts…

Me too, I have also verified around November and yet to receive anything since at least 4 Months ago. It always shows “payment in progress” and then goes back to “nothing” a couple of days later.

Hello @jojomango @tradefox @gaganrajbr @pranit,

I would suggest you to try to reconnect your Uphold account with your creator account. To make sure it’s “connected properly”.

Please do it before the end of the month. And wait if it’s works in the next payout.


I wanted to update that as of yesterday, My Uphold account was credited with the creator BAT owed going back to December. This is a great sign !
Hopefully not a one off – but an actual fix to the problem that will see automatic Creator Rewards being sent to my Uphold wallet on a monthly basis without problems now and in the future.
Thanks and keep on keeping on with your hard work and progress–

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Hi, thanks for taking time and replying. Sorry for the delayed reply on this. I deliberately wanted to observe the payout from Brave to my Uphold account and hence this delayed reply.

The payment was indeed started working fine before I perform your suggested solution. However, as I said earlier, I’ve created my creators account with Brave on December but I’ve only got the payment from March month. Hence, I’d like to know where is my payment that I received in December, January and February month. I’m pretty sure I’ve received few BAT tokens in those 3 months but they’re not appearing in my account.

Could you please help me with this? Please do ask if any more information is needed from my side.

Thanks for taking a look in this!

same here , not able to receive my BAT from my creator account its showing whole progress thing but not able to see those BAT in my connected upload account??
if your issue is resolved or if you found any solution pls let me know it will be very helpful.
waiting for your reply

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