How to withdraw BAT from Uphold?

I understand that Brave must use a custodial wallet, then it’s using Uphold in most countries. But how can I just withdraw my BATs com Uphold?

It seems Uphold only offer Ethereum network to withdraw BAT, that is very expensive, I couldn’t find alternatives such as BEP20.

It is also possible to convert into another coin, such as Solana, and its network is cheap, but then Uphold charges 0.99 dolars that is higher than what I got as Brave rewards in a month.

@luizdl You’ll need to watch

As to the charge, you’re going to have to pay that if you want to do a transaction.

They had put out a notice a while ago:

Note: Starting on the 1st of February 2023, the $0.99 USD transaction fee will be applied to the Automated Transactions and BAT transactions made through browser-linked accounts to fiat.

If you have more questions or concerns on withdrawing from Uphold, you need to contact their customer service directly.

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