How to withdraw BAT from Android phone

I am using Brave Browser on Android phone. I am not able to register uphold with Brave Browser on Android. Therefore unable to withdraw my BAT. How to withdraw my BAT

Whats your problem? Syncing your phone with Uphold? Or Making an account from uphold side?

The only alternative to that is tiping your self (is not recommended since you can get suspended) with a creator account (but you also need an uphold wallet account).

As for other alternatives, well, there are none, AFAIK the team is working in new methods to withdraw your earnigns but there isn’t anything confimed.

I have an uphold account. I created uphold account and have registered with my Brave Browser on windows(laptop). Whereas I am not able to register my uphold account with Brave Browser on Android(mobile phone). There is no provision to register wallet on brave browser on android.

Yes there is a provision exactly similar to the one for desktop but for that you must have at least 25 BAT in your rewards wallet,then you can verify the wallet and connect it to your uphold account.

Also remember there is a limit of 3 browsers per uphold account if you verify more than 3 with the same uphold there will be problem in receiving BAT from the 4th browser.

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Actually there is a limit of 4 devices. This was updated when the mobile update from uphold came up.

As for the mobile sync @botroy is correct (@simplyprado), in the recent version on android you have the option to sync your uohold account, but like said, you need a minium amount of 25BAT for the fisrt transaction (an only needed on the first ocation).


I have 38.5 BAT on my Brave Android account

What do you mean by sync. Keeping the Brave Browser on android phone in sync with Uphold account or in sync with Brave Browser on windows(laptop).
Either way, how to do the sync?

when talking about wallets: Sync = link = verify your uphold wallet = android/IOS phone in sync with Uphold account.

Not to confuse with the feature to sync markers and those stuff, it´s different. As for wallets, there is no way to sync wallets between your PC and your phone, the only way to concentrate your earnings in a same place (between phone and PC) is linking your uphold wallet in every device.

As for mobile, to link (im changing the word just to not confuse yourself) your uphold wallet, you need to acumulate 25 BAT for the first time (this restriction is coming soon for PC)

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I have 38.5 BAT. I am not able to see the provision to register uphold with my Brave Wallet on Android. What could be the reason?

@simplyprado make sure you’re on the latest version > click BAT triangle icon at URL bar to see the verify button.

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This is my version and this is what I see when I click the triangle. I do not have the provision to register upload.

:point_up::sweat_smile: Latest version is 1.10.x @simplyprado – yours is outdated.

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Hello @eljuno ,
can you explain the process step by step. I linked one desktop Windows browser last month. Now I also want to attach to my Uphold, Android and another desktop. I went to each of them through “Wallet Verification” into my existing wallet. It turned out that in the browser I went to my wallet. I can see the sections: Add Funds, Withdraw Funds and Go to My Uphold Account. But BAT did not automatically go to Uphold. What other actions are needed?
I have a card Brave browser in Uphold. In my opinion, it was created automatically when I bind the first browser last month. Create a separate card for each of the browsers?

Hello guys can any1 help me to clear my doubt please I have started using brave from this month, and then I have verified my uphold wallet but the problem starts today I have invited 2 friends with my link and in referral dashboard it shows 0 confirm,0 installed and 2 downloaded I don’t understand what it means. what shall I do to count in my referral dashboard. I lost my interest to invite friend…
Any solution for this guys

I am having a problem with this as well. I verified my wallet with Uphold. When I click the link to withdraw it takes me to Uphold but my BAT is not showing. I’ve been waiting a long time for this and its DOA.


Bro I think when we reach 25 bat it will show but for referral I’m still in confused I invited 2 friend n it’s not counted on my dashboard…

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