Can't withdraw my 225 BAT tokens from Brave Android Wallet

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Hello everyone!

I use Brave on both my Windows PC and my Android mobile.

I have created a verified Uphold account, and was able to withdraw the BAT tokens on my PC wallet to Uphold.

However, trying to do this with my Android has been a nightmare. I have 225 BAT in my Android Brave wallet. Brave Version 1.23.74 (fully updated).

You would think the option to verify/withdraw would be in BIG BOLD LETTERS inside the Brave Rewards settings, but it is not.

I clicked on the triangle to the right of the address bar in my browser, and it gave me the “Verify wallet” option. I was able to log in to my Uphold account.

However, after I successfully logged in to Uphold (had to verify it was me via email/2factor auth), the real mystery began.

So now when I click on the triangle in my Android Brave browser, I only see “YOUR WALLET” in the top left hand corner of the wallet window that opens. There is no “verified” anymore. There is no withdraw option. My BAT tokens have not moved. There is effectively no way to get the tokens out as far as I can tell, besides maybe tipping yourself over and over, which is apparently not allowed. In other words, it appears that Brave is not letting Android users access their ad rewards. Is that correct?

Or maybe one of you has unraveled the mystery of how to get your money out of the mobile “wallet”?

I am at a loss. This has been INCREDIBLY frustrating, as I cannot find a straight answer/solution to this problem on the boards, either here or in Reddit. This should not be a mystery. If Brave is not allowing users to withdraw tokens, it should say that in BIG BOLD LETTERS right under your Wallet balance, in the Rewards settings page, etc.

I am sure I am not the only one experiencing this.

Thanks in advance for any relevant help.


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It gets even better!

I had 90+ BAT tokens in my Uphold account that has been transferred from my Windows PC Brave wallet.

A few minutes ago, the YOUR WALLET in the top left corner of the ANDROID BRAVE wallet changed to “Verified” again, and gave me a withdraw option.

I clicked it.

It withdrew the 225 BAT tokens from my Andriod Brave wallet to my Uphold account. Yay!

Except NOW, it ONLY shows the 225 bat tokens from my Brave Android wallet transfer, and the 90+ tokens from my PC wallet transfer have disappeared!

What is happening?

Hi, @Confusedguy, you’re likely running into the known issue with BAT not porting correctly to Uphold. You can follow Support’s thread here…

…and watch for any status updates.

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