How to use cast feature

How to make the cast feature appear on any media video on browser

brave://settings/extensions Enable Media Router casting

Site doesnt exist…!!!

When you enable the cast option in brave://settings/extensions it’ll add an option in the urlbar to cast. In my case it picks up my Nvidia Sheild.


It says page not available …so url is wrong

What version of Brave are you using?

Version 1.39.115 on android 8.0 go edition

It seems like the community has no idea of how to find this setting and want to know how to contact the developers email address so i can liase with them for deeper info

@Dashiznitgp Community member, know nothing about Android devices, just have a “curious” question.

I see the latest Brave version for Android is 1.40.111. Have you tried updating or is there a problem with updating to the latest version?

Like I said, just curious. Please feel free to ignore. Take care. :slightly_smiling_face:

See…even if i did an update …the brave://flags is like an online thing… But still… See pics below…

Thats all settings comes up if i search media as keyword…

Now i wasnt born yesterday …ive done research on google… All say the flags thing but the update on that message was in 2020 … So either brave discontinued it on phones or its hidden???

Just curious again. lol

So Android devices do not have the setting below? and even if it does, the option is not displaying in the url bar? Am I understanding correctly? Thank-you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: Adding snip of settings display below. I use a desktop.

Yes thats correct…so u have an email address for the developers i can use to send them an email???

I don’t, sorry. :slightly_frowning_face:

@fanboynz should be able to help you with your issue though and provide additional instructions.

You could open an issue report at Brave GitHub. The dev team reviews bug issues there. If you do decide to create an issue report, make sure you follow the template and provide as much information as possible or your issue might be closed with no response.

One more thing (for now :wink:)… can you provide a snip of the url and error message you are seeing (“page not available”)? Are there any error codes displayed?

Really appreciate you taking the time to help me understand your issue even though I can’t help! Thank-you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok now ive done all u mentioned… Which is on another website altogether …but anyways would be best to speak to devz directly

OK. Can you post the issue report if you decide to open one? I would like to track it! lol

Thank-you for your time and putting up with my questions. Appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: Found the issue report!

A couple of suggestions.

  1. You might want to edit your post to show the url & page information displayed when you type brave://settings/extensions in the address bar. I think the devs would probably want to know this information.

  2. You should provide the information below also. In the “Website problems only”, if Shields are automatically disabled, put that and put N/A if the others do not apply. Although you probably should test if cast features are working in some other chromium based browser and provide that information.


Ack. I have even more questions after reviewing Brave GitHub reports. Just going to post for reference. Really interested in this topic and understanding this feature!

**[bsclifton commented [on Mar 14]

This toggle has been removed; Chromecast enabled by default on Android. I’m not sure if this makes sense or is possible to disable on Android

See brave/security#574 for more info

Get a 404 error after clicking brave/security#574 link. So no help there.

Another issue report says there is no way to disable Chromecast on Android but you can disable casting entirely in settings. BUT it doesn’t give the setting. Would be nice to know how so you could check if that is disabled…

In Brave Android, is there any way to disable Chromecast that appears in the menu of an online video?

**[Brave-Matt commented [on Jul 27, 2021]

[@cbwee] unfortunately no, there is no way to disable this button in a specific browser that I am aware of. You can disable casting entirely on your Android phone in your phone’s Settings but I’m not sure that’s desirable for your situation.

So, my understanding from reading the information posted, unless you disabled casting by accident in your settings, Chromecast should be available automatically by default.

My new “curious” question is… is the cast option not available on any urls or is it available on some urls and not others? If some, what specific urls are not working? I wonder if I can test those to see if they are working on a desktop… up to you if you want to provide a couple. Or not. :grin:

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