Can't enable Chromecast support on mobile

I’m trying to enable Chromecast support on brave mobile, but I can’t find the load-media-router-component-extension and the Views-cast-dialog flags to enable/disable. Is this feature available on Brave Mobile (Android)?

  1. Went to chrome://flags
  2. Searched for the flags required to turn on Chromecast support


I was expecting to be able to cast my browser from my Galaxy Note 9 to my TV.

This happens every time I try to search for the flags in chrome://flags

Brave 1.0.97

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Android Pie 9.0

No additional information at this time.

May be fault of chrome. They keep removing many flags. If I remember correctly for desktop i use these flags: mute from tab, router component for casting, one more flag for memory usage. All are gone now. Not sure there are other ways to do this.

I don’t think is possible, currently. I know that there are some open issues for it and I believe this may be possible down the line but for now you may be out of luck.

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