Brave is missing the Cast option even though I have Media Router Extension enabled in the settings

My Win 10 version of Brave is updated to v1.59.117 (Oct 11, 2023), but the ‘Cast’ menu item no longer appears beneath the ‘Print’ option.
I’ve tried toggling off and on the option and restarting Brave and PC but the option is no longer there.
Has it been moved somewhere else in the recent version?

Same here on Mac OS. I was able to cast from youtube but not froma video I dragged into a tab. How do we do this now?

Kind of. Depends on your layout. I keep the icon available rather than going through the menu. My icon is still exactly where it’s always been, on the upper right of the browser:


Cast is the image

But if you didn’t get it saved there, then it’s still in the hamburger menu too, but just one step further to go.

  1. Hamburger Menu image

  2. More ToolsCast

I figured out how to do it now without the menu option. Cast from youtube ot something then the cast icon shows up in the extensions. Right click it and “always show icon”

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Any reason you can think of why I would not have Cast in my menu?

Because you have it disabled in your settings?

That’s located at brave://settings/extensions or SettingsExtensions

I did not think to look in extensions :+1:

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