How to transfer passwords if I only have access to directories not system

Hi there. Due to problems with my linux, I can only access the root directory from live usb linux environment. I need all the data including the passwords from brave but I cannot export them from brave. I tried to copy the BraveSoftware directory from .config of the old linux to replace my BraveSoftware directory of the new linux. When I opened it, the bookmarks and history were there, however no passwords. How can I get the passwords, at least like a list?

You can’t. Passwords are encrypted using OS keyring and all. Just doing a copy/paste of the file directory will only give you encrypted passwords which can’t be accessed. Of course, this isn’t good for anything. You would have needed to do an Export Passwords or have created a Sync chain between multiple devices if you want to backup or move your passwords.

Thank you for the answer. So there is no way at this point to recover the password right? I will take into account to export the passwords next time for backup.

Not from that file that I’m aware. In the past, they used to suggest a program (I can’t think of name), but people reported that stopped working. You can essentially look for possible solutions all around the internet on how to decrypt Chrome passwords and all. I hear a lot of mixed feedback on whether they work and I haven’t spent time messing around with it all. Mostly it seems people have said using Python is how they managed in one form or another.

Okay I’ll try. Thank you for the help:)

I have another question, is it possible to export the passwords from terminal? Is there a command to export them without the gui?

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