How to sync desktop and laptop if I dont have laptop nearby

I am using brave on my office desktop, laptop and my android mobile. I have them all synced. Recently I had to reinstall it to my office desktop. It seems like I need to have both my laptop and desktop nearby to sync them. If I copy and close the sync code, it says I can’t sync anymore.

Is it possible like firefox to set up sync on one device and which will be synced on my other device when I login to my firefox account.

Am I missing anything here?

@nellaiseemai Did you try to sync Android with your office desktop? I guess this is possible. Since you have already synced Android and Laptop all your data (Android + Laptop) must be available on Android. If you sync Android device with your office desktop, all 3 devices should be synced in your desktop.

I am not sure about firefox, let me look into it and get back to you.


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OK. Got it. Probably this is how i synced them earlier.

My reference regarding Firefox is this: For Firefox sync one need to create an account (log in) with Firefox (user name and password). From where we can tell what we need to sync from the browser. For this we do not need to have the laptop, desktop nearby.

I guess, since Brave works using the long key chain its not possible. Of course, I guess this is for security reason.


I am using brave nightly on desktop. Using brave on my android phone. When I sync my desktop to my mobile (from the desktop selecting syncing - new code - scanning my phone) it got synced. But no desktop bookmarks copied to my mobile but my mobile book marks are copied to the desktop. On mobile it only shows only one folder - mobile bookmarks, which only has the bookmarks I already stored in my phone.

Then I went on to sync my mobile to the laptop. Now it got synced and all the bookmarks from desktop are copied to the laptop browser. Looks like Desktop - mobile - laptop is working except that the mobile is not getting bookmarks from either of them.

One more point. I also installed Brave Dev on my desktop and laptop. Now synced each of them by copying the sync code generated from Brave nightly. Now strangely I got all bookmarks and folders twice.

Not sure what is going on.


Never mind. It worked finally. Took about an hour. Now my android phone is showing all the bookmarks from desktop and laptop. All are synced now.

So the solution is this:
From desktop sync mobile first using QR code.
Then from mobile to laptop by typing the code.
Wait for an hour or two.


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