How to have custom thumbnails on android browser

I have Brave installed on my desktop, laptop and mobile. Have some issue in syncing as well… here: How to sync desktop and laptop if I dont have laptop nearby

On mobile Brave browser comes up with its own thumbnails upon installation (amazon, instagram etc). If I like to have my own custom websites (such as the guardian or new york times) how would I do that. I keep checking those websites and assuming Brave would populate those websites by itself which I can pin later. But it never appear in thumbnail.

Is there any way to add our own custom thumbnails of websites on mobile Brave browser?


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I understand that unfortunately the customization of the Brave home screen on Android is not available.

In my case I have my favorite sites saved and some of them eventually appear on the home screen, but not all!


If this is by design it needs to be changed. Firefox in android gives option to pin websites on home page.

Brave pins twitter after i go to that website. But nothing else which I regularly visit such as NPR, the Atlantic, the Guardian, NYT etc.

On desktop it’s different. I deactivate favorite sites in home page (Brave Nightly and Dev). But mobile is a different story. Hope Brave team fix this issue.


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