How to sync brave for android

I’ve updated my android to android 10 From android 9 and for doing this I’m gone through hard reset.
And now I again downloaded brave but my wallet was empty and don’t sync my passport/bookmarks.

How can I do that ?

Hi @Aashishh,

Sync is temporarily disabled. For more information please see:

I’m asking for Android App not for desktop

@Aashishh, i have understood that the sync option was disabled for both desktop and android

i guess you meant password, i don’t know if the android brave browser allows you to manually export your passwords/bookmarks, if so, you should had done it.

and more importantly, i think i had seen somewhere in this site that is not possible to back up brave wallet in android.

the point is, you should had researched a bit before deciding to do the upgrade :thinking:

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