(How) Can I check the time of last update/upgrade?

I would like to check when my browser was last upgraded, to aid in debugging of a new behavior.

Brave reports when a new release was published, but I don’t find a way to check when I started using that release—due to application restart (intentional or incidental).

Is there somewhere I can check for the time I accepted an update or began using the current version of the application?

I have checked, but I do not see it in:

  • brave://settings/help
  • brave://version/
  • about:about - nothing else plausible
  • On the file system, fd . /Applications/Brave\ Browser.app/ --changed-within 1w -X ls -l
    • It seems the last modified date on all the files in the application matches the last update’s release date. And I remember updating more recently than that, seeing a Yellow update box.

I think this is also a feature request. One more way to improve on Chromium.

Check the date of the “Brave-Browser” folder in your file system.

I don’t know where it is located in MacOS. In Windows it is located under “Program Files\BraveSoftware”.

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Hello @mcint

i guess this one could help https://www.idownloadblog.com/2019/01/11/dates-app-macos-updates-mac/

and have a nice day both of you :slight_smile:


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