How to Retrieve Old Rewards

Here is the previous topic on my issue:

I deposited 288 BAT into my Brave Browser in 2020. I tried for almost 6 months to withdraw to Uphold but Uphold was not showing my balance and I wasn’t receiving any responses to my thread. I saved the seed phrase to come back at a later date and try again.

Now I have installed Brave, entered my seed phrase, but my wallet shows that I have no BAT. And my Brave Rewards shows zero rewards.

How can I access my old funds that I deposited into the Brave Browser in 2020?

My operating system is Linux Mint 20.3 x64 MATE 1.26.0
My Brave Browser is version v1.46.138
My Uphold account is verified but Brave Rewards shows 0
Never been able to receive payments
Using a VPN in Japan but based in the US

You mean the Brave Wallet?
Since you can’t just deposit into Brave rewards unless already connected to Uphold / Gemini.
I guess @onyb please look into this.

I think I may have lost the funds.

I recovered Brave using the seed phrase and the wallet and rewards are empty. Brave says that the rewards are stored on local device files. It says if I want to protect my funds I need to verify and send the funds to Uphold.

Obviously I was trying to send my funds to Uphold but it wasn’t working. This was before Gemini was integrated.

It appears like I should’ve saved my local device files. I’m confused though, what’s the point of the seed phrase? Anyways… If there’s any other ideas please let me know. Until then I’ll just assume the funds are gone.

It’s pretty weird that I was able to send funds to my browser using the Ethereum network… but then the funds are stored on device files rather than on the seed phrase that Brave gave me.

Brave reward system is indeed complex.

You say you deposited BAT so that makes me think Brave Wallet. Didn’t you backup the Wallet?

@hike2 There’s a few issues in what you’re showing.

You mention Rewards but then speak as if you’re talking about Wallet. As a result, we’re going to need you to be more specific

How? Where did the BAT come from and where did it get sent?

What seed phrase? I mean, where did you get it and what is it for? Is it Wallet or Rewards? Was is seed phrase or was it sync code? How many words is it?

Rewards doesn’t have a seed phrase. True, it used to, but it was long done away with, I’m wanting to say had gone away in 2018/2019, so shouldn’t have existed even in 2020 when you’re mentioning. Of course, I’d have a question of where you were in the past 2 years or so?

If you had indeed sent anything to your Wallet, it would still exist there, assuming you hadn’t sent it somewhere else. Yet for you to say that you’ve recovered your Brave Wallet and it’s not there, it would seem you never sent it to Wallet. If you did, there still likely would be a history of the transaction. I mean, if you’re claiming you sent BAT to Wallet, then you would have had to get it through Uphold, Gemini, or something of the sort. So you’d either have a purchase history or would have history of receiving the BAT from somewhere, as well of you sending it to a particular address.

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I believe what happened was I clicked deposit in the rewards window and it gave me a BTC address. I sent the BTC and it added BAT to my rewards wallet.

How many seed phrases are there exactly? Why should there be a bunch of different seed phrases? I just have one seed phrase in my notes, labeled “Brave Browser seed phrase”.

In the past 2 years I was busy with my life. I don’t have forever to sit here and keep bumping my thread and be ignored. So I backed up my seed phrase and decided to come back and try again when life was less hectic.

I don’t think there was a Brave wallet back then. You just had the rewards window and if you wanted to keep your funds safe you had to send them to Uphold. But as I mentioned Uphold wasn’t working at the time. I think at some point I got a new computer and that’s how I lost my local browser directory.

I don’t know where I sent the Bitcoin from to add BAT to my browser. Probably an old exchange account maybe Binance or Bitfinex. I don’t know how meticulous your record keeping is but I definitely don’t have a transaction hash for every time I sent Bitcoin somewhere. I think I made that purchase back in 2019. It was in 2020 that I was trying to get Uphold to work.

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