How to restore deleted profiles in Windows 10?

Not realizing that a Brave “profile” contains bookmarks, extension, saved counts, passwords, and God knows what else, I deleted mine as part of troubleshooting suggested for a Google login problem. I then realized several years worth of data was all gone, with no built-in restore.

Fortunately (I thought) I could try to see if the deleted files could be restored with Windows un-delete tool, “Recuva”. After some poking around I found that the new profile was located in folder C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Profile 2

I used Recuva to locate recoverable files in this folder. It reported that almost all of the files in the deleted profile folders were recoverable. I recovered them and saved on another SDD, then copied \Profile 1 and \Profile 2 into the \User Data folder.

However, Brave does not recognize these profiles. Also, I do not see anything in them that looks like the large number of bookmarks that vanished.

How can get the un-deleted files to be recognized with minimal lossage of bookmarks, extensions, etc.?


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