My Brave is reset after a Windows update. Lost all my rewards for the month and custom settings have been reset. Why?

I opened Brave browser this morning to see that it has been reset. My customised settings had completely gone, rewards for the month are gone, got signed out of everything that I had logged into (Google, Reddit, etc.) and extensions are gone. For some reason my bookmarks are still there, history is still there. What is the reason for this? And will I get my rewards back?

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If you kept a copy of your key for your wallet, then all you need to do is access the wallet and choose restore with private key function.

Regarding the other, unless you backed up your Brave folder, your customizations are gone.

Though Brave is a Chromium browser, Brave does not use the auto data retention norms of Google.

This is a verse to Braveā€™s privacy anthem.

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