Reinstall windows and brave

Hi friends.
I wanted to know if there is any way to reinstall windows 10 without losing the data, passwords, favs, etc. stored in the brave browser.

I would use Brave Sync for this.

  1. Create a Sync chain
  2. Make sure you save your Sync code phrase – this is the only way to reconnect to the Sync chain and get your data back.
    • Additionally, you can connect a third device – perhaps an Android phone or second computer via the same method
  3. Reinstall Windows, install Brave, go back to brave://sync and choose I have a sync code and enter the sync code you saved from earlier.

Your browser should now sync all your data to your new installation. Note that this will not sync Brave rewards data. I would also highly recommend exporting and saving your passwords and bookmarks manually as a .csv/.html file (respectively) just to ensure you have a backup copy of these data in the event anything goes wrong.

There is no way to get wallet back if one decides to do a full fresh install is there?

You cannot get the same wallet back, no. But you can verify your wallet with Uphold/Gemini and then, once verified, simply reinstall and verify the wallet on your newly installed browser with the same custodial account.

Ohh, if I just could. Still waiting for you guys and the new tools to clean out old inactive devices because device limit :wink:

I’ve sent you a DM asking for some additional information – lets move this conversation there. Closing this thread for now.

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