Wiped computer, is restore wallet lost?

I had a situation and ended up having to wipe my computer without the opportunity to backup my Brave bookmarks or wallet.

Saw this link and maybe I’m asking the obvious, but asking anyhow in case there’s something I missed.

Can I restore either bookmarks or wallet, or do I have to go through the process of signing up for rewards as a new user?

Hi @Kelltech,

Thanks for reaching out. You can restore your Brave wallet using your recovery key - do you have that saved?


Hey @steeven, wallet restored, thank you!! I had a suspicion there was something easy that I was overlooking.

Can I use that method to have the same wallet on my tablet and phone as on my computer?

@Kelltech not really. First, it’s not yet available for mobile yet – the recovery option. And recovery keys is not a way to use a single wallet on different devices.