How to restore at least passwords and bookmarks after restoring data from a hard drive?

Description of the issue: A hard drive broke, but the data from it restored. How can I transfer at least saved passwords and bookmarks from restored data to a new system?

Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.48.171

@STRWalker If the drive can’t be booted, then likely won’t be able to get the passwords, as they are heavily encrypted using your OS profile and all. So even if you move the passwords over manually, they won’t be able to be accessed.

That said, I have a little FAQ thing I wrote that kind of details your options at PSA: Current FAQ - #34 by Saoiray

As long as the data is not corrupted, just copy the User Data folder from the old to the new drive, and everything (bookmarks, history, wallets, rewards, passwords) will be restored.

Nah, not unless still complete full OS User. But if password, User, or anything else changes then won’t be able to access the passwords. Been an issue for other people in the past and not anything Brave is talking about changing. Know it’s definitely been something that has upset many people in the past, where they tried doing the whole User Data folder and couldn’t access passwords.

I’ve done it several times, including two times in the past month, because Sync is everything but reliable and everything was migrated correctly.

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