Recover Profile Data from Unbootable Installation

So all I see as options for transferring data is using Brave Sync, but the problem with that is that I can’t get to the old installation to enable sync to bring stuff over (because the computer broke, but the program drive still works). Is there really no way of recovering the data from that old installation and putting it on my new computer?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to transfer your browsing data without access to Brave on the broken PC.

I can’t even get to any portion of it, like bookmarks? I understand not being able to recover passwords, but not being able to get to any of it seems like overkill, security-wise.

The safest and best ways to transfer browsing data require access to both instances of Brave, any other method users might attempt is likely to cause corruption of files, so whether it’s an overkill security-wise depends on the point of view. I understand your frustration and am sorry I can’t provide a solution.

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