Unable to remove website from allow cookies and site data

I am unable to remove a website from the “allow” category “cookies and site data” (within the privacy and security tab: Privacy and Security -> Site and Shields Settings -> Cookies and Site data).

It appears that this data is still being deleted as part of the “clear on exit” functionality - but I am unable to remove the websites from allow.

MacOS: v1.12.38. nightly

Hi @leekocytes,
Can you try navigating to the site you can’t remove from the allow list and then enabling Shields via the lion icon next to the address bar. Can you then also try clicking on the lock icon to the left of address bar, going into site settings, then clearing data and resetting permissions.


@Aa-ron sorry for the delay. You are spot on - every single one of the websites that would not clear I had turned shields off. Once I went to those websites and re-enabled the shield the websites cleared from the allow list automatically (as I believe I had cleared all cookies previously).

Thanks and let me know if you need anything else!

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