How to remove WidevineCdm from Brave for M1 Mac

I tried removing WidevineCdm using the instruction for Mac on here but doesn’t seem to work for M1 Macs.

Please how can I do this?


I am guessing . . .

Assuming that you consulted:


And you have by now Disabled Widevine:

Screen Shot 2022-02-11 at 9.30.45 PM

Then you are saying (?) that you see the Widevine extension here:

but you cannot remove it (no control in that window - or controls are not effective)?

You might find the extension here (I use Default (Profile 1)):

/Users/your_user_shortname/Library/Application Support/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser/Default/Extensions/[Widevine-something-here]

There might be, as the extension, a folder named “WidevineCdm”

There might be a Preference file, too:

/Users/your_user_shortname/Library/Preferences/[perhaps com.widevine.something or chrome in the name ?]

Before removing manually, Quit Brave Browser.

Probably a good idea, to not delete the items, but create a new, temporary folder on your Mac Desktop, and move the items to that folder. Then Quit everything and Restart your Mac M1.

You might want to consider:

There is a lot of info re a Widevine installation and nuance of the extension status (settings) affecting the presence of the Widevine folder . . . throughout that page – worth study and making notes.

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