How to remove devices I no longer have access to from my account?

I’ve lost a smartphone a year and a half ago.
Two weeks ago I got fired and no longer have access to my work environment.
That is two devices that I’m not finding a solution to how to disconnect them from my account.
That is a problem because I now have 17BAT in my smartphone’s Brave instance, but I can not “Verify wallet” because I’ve already verified with 4 devices, as it tells me.
I want to get access to the 17 BAT that there is in my phone. Should I just create a new account and then I’ll have two accounts? Or just contribute to myself.

Additional: Mind you, I’ve opened up a post here a few months ago because when I was trying to verify this device’s wallet, nothing happened. I’d spent a lot of time just trying to verify this wallet. I was getting no feedback, just the “Very wallet” button kept reappearing upon a relaunch off Brave like I’d dome nothing.

Edit: I see that self-tipping is completely fine:

My situation is similar, and I am looking for the same solution. I brought my computer in to be repaired, and in the process they replaced the motherboard and wiped the hard drive. I have another computer at home, and one at work.

I am needing to find a way to retroactively revoke my Brave Rewards authorization. Frankly, I would be fine with revoking ALL, and then re-logging in on my current devices.

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