Requested to remove devices


I filled the form to request the removal of old devices/brave instances so I can verify my uphold wallet, I had to format my PC and changed my mobile device.

If possible, can someone from Brave Support please check that my request was received. I issued it with this email address and my uphold ID.

Thank you.


They will email you once it is complete or if they need more information.

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I’ve filled that more than 1 month ago and no answer still so get ready to wait

Too many people requesting it probably has a lot of wait times now.

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Acknowledged with thanks. Will wait.

Where is the form to fill out? I got a new phone and a new laptop so now i cant connect my new devices. This issue is ridiculous. How hard is it to add an option where you can simply remove old devices?!

Unable to re-verify wallet - #118 by Mattches you can remove 1 device with this @epz2001

A good solution but I no longer have access to those instances to indentify them, that’s why I requested to remove all of them.

Thank you.

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