How to remove all bookmarks

I want to delete bookmarks imported from Chrome 2. After downloading Brave browser I was searching for bookmarks from Safari to import. I inadvertently imported the bookmarks from Chrome. I have since learned that I needed to grant Brave full disc access so that Safari was an option to import bookmarks from. Now bookmarks from Chrome appear first in the quick access bar and I have to search for the Safari bookmarks. I cant right click on the Chrome bookmarks drop down menu and delete is but I can on the Safari import. I know how to perform the imports properly now but I cant figure out how to clear out all and start over.

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Have you made many changes other than that to the browser? I ask because if you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the settings page, you can reset all settings in the browser:

Did that, but it did not clear out bookmarks. I also completely removed the browser from my system, trashed it, emptied trash, then started over with a fresh download. Browser reinstalled with all bookmarks in it without having to import. I’m sure someone here with a tech background can tell me why its doing that.

How do I start fresh like its my first time performing the download?

So the reason you still have data upon re-installation is because you must elect (manually/explicitly) to delete browsing data as well during the uninstall process. What I recommend is the following to get a fresh start:

  1. On your mac, open Finder
  2. Navigate to ~/Library/Application Support/BraveSoftware/ and delete the Brave-Browser folder here. Make sure you trash it from the trash can as well.
  3. Now launch Brave again – this folder should be re-created with fresh, untouched settings.

Thanks Mattches, that appears to have done it. Appreciate the help!

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You’re very welcome – enjoy!