Brave keeps sliding me unwanted notifications

Just started using Brave and love it. However there is one puzzling feature that I would like to better understand…and prevent.
Using Brave for Mac on a Macbook Pro. When Brower is launched I get Brave notifications sliding into the upper righthand corner of my screen throughout the day. One line text messages that are ad copy for crypto currency and other offers that are definitely unsolicited. I have the block all cookies option selected and I cleared all cookies hoping this might solve it but I’m still getting them. Any suggestions on how to squash whatever may be causing these notifications. This is exactly the type of stuff that made me move over to Brave in order to avoid…

@84eternal Those are Brave Ads which you can opt out of. Typically you earn BAT, which is a crypto token, which you’d either be able to tip to web domains or keep for yourself. If you go to Settings > Brave Rewards you’ll see a toggle switch to turn Brave Rewards on or off. Just keep in mind, you won’t be able to earn anything if the ads are off.

Since you’re on Mac, I do believe you can still earn BAT like most. That also means in the same area where you see the toggle switch for ads, you’ll see a Settings thing where you can also change the amount of ads that you see each hour. You can toggle from 0-10.

On a side note, if you’re ever putting Brave on iPhone or an iPad, they no longer allow us to earn BAT on those. That’s because Apple said users earning money from things like ads and all is a violation of their terms, at least on things from their App Store. So if you ever use it on one of those, you can still opt to view ads but you won’t earn anything for yourself. Instead all earned BAT goes to Brave to continue development of the iOS version of the browser. If you want to learn more on that, check out

Saoiray, thanks for the great explanation. Totally makes sense.

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