Dragging website to folder, in order to bookmark it, no longer works

I have my bookmarks sorted into folders on my bookmark bar. Therefore the easiest way for me to bookmark a site is by dragging the padlock icon onto the appropriate folder.
For some reason Brave will no longer let me do this.
In order now to bookmark a site, I have to click on the bookmark icon and scroll through all the folders from the list - very time consuming.

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I think this is related to a known issue (see links below). There should have been a fix in the recent version update per the project comments. The current Brave version is 1.36.116. Have you updated to the current version?

These are recent topics that sound related to your problem. If this is not the issue, or it is still not working as expected, please provide more information so a community member or moderator can help reslove!

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Hi and thank you!

Yes looks like the same known issue.

I’m using on Mac and my version is 1.36.112. However, it says that that is the latest version: https://a.cl.ly/ApuJyvZy

I can’t see any other way to update it.

Thank you for your help.

Oh, sorry, I spaced there, you’re on a macOS…

The newest update is only for Windows and Linux (Release Notes) but the Chromium update matches the macOS fix version. Hopefully they will be releasing macOS version update soon!

Any idea when? It’s a very frustrating drawback for a web browser!

You can update Chrome manually and that should fix the macOS problem per this comment on issue at Chromium:

Comment 32 by craigtumblison@chromium.org on Tue, Mar 15, 2022, 2:44 PM CDT (23 hours ago) Project Member

Hey all,

Following up to share that we have released a new version of Chrome to the stable channel that should resolve this behavior.

You can update Chrome on macOS by opening a new tab and visiting chrome://help

The new version is 99.0.4844.74, and details are available at the following link:

Thanks again for the feedback reports, and patience while the issue was investigated and resolved.

I usually just wait until releases because I’m not real tech savvy and I’m afraid to mess something up! If you do decide to update Chrome, could you post if it fixed your problem, please?

Brave version 1.36.117 just released for macOS. Chromium upgraded in the release.

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Yes I just updated and it’s working! Thank you so much for the great support and updates!!



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