How to (locally) backup brave settings? (or if not, just for Brave flags?)

What I’m looking for is something like Firefox’s user.js, where Firefox’s ‘about:config’ settings are stored in a plain-text-file. Does something like that exist for Brave?

I know there’s the option to backup the [user] folder in %localappdata%\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\, but that would also include personal user data and such, which isn’t what I want.

As suggested in the title if the answer to the former is a no, then is there (at least) a way to backup the Brave flags? Not that I’d have to manually navigate to every single brave://flags/#[setting name] to either enable or disable.

I might have found something similar, albeit requiring Windows group policy itself:

I will try it out and see if it’s easy enough for me to use. (It’s of course hard to beat something as easy as pasting one user.js file.) But in the meantime, if there’s something easier than Group Policy that could work, please let me know!

I’ll tag in @Mattches as he’d be the primary person from Brave to have an answer for you, I do believe.

But I’m also going to try to tag two users, @justsomeone1 and @Chocoholic, in case they happen to be around and have some ideas.


Hello @Cyfire @Saoiray

what i found is this but need a confirm from the team in case i missed something

let assume you have single profile i will use linux as example here
there 3 files

  1. the file is at /home/<userName>/.config/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser/Default/Preferences for browser settings (not sure if it include flags or not)

  2. another file called PreferredApps next to it not sure if that the extension settings or list of extensions installed or not (i do not have extension to try) i need confirm on that

  3. another file in same location called Secure Preferences i guessed it used for hashing the preferences file to make sure it not changed but also need a confirm on that

so what the steps is:

  1. create a new profile ()each profile you will create it will create a folder next to the default folder from the above path i mentioned folders name will be profile 1 profile 2 and so on

  2. you need to make sure you close the browser and it not running on the background before doing the following as if you did it while the browser open it will detect what you doing and will return the setting to the way it was before the change

  3. copy the preferences files i mentioned the first one from your profile to the new profile

  4. open the browser and check the new profile and notice it has the same setting the old profile has

things i have no idea how it could be impacted

  1. sync
  2. brave wallet
  3. brave reward
  4. maybe other things

so wait for the team to confirm that this way has no side effect on other things

hope that help and have a nice day everyone :slight_smile:


Thanks! The Preferences file has nearly all of the browser settings I wanted, just except those flags.

For my solution I can combine the usage of Brave’s Administrative Templates with a registry key housing many presets. (For my usecase includes disabling Sync and Brave Wallet/Rewards :slightly_smiling_face:)
Applying a Preferences preset to that works really well for me :+1:


you welcome and glad to hear that and have a nice day :slight_smile:


Great support here from everyone!


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